Company Description: Today, CHUKKA operates over 60 tours in Jamaica, Belize, and Turks & Caicos. Danny remains Chairman of the Board of CHUKKA, but the management has transitioned to his sons, Marc, Alexander, and Daniel Melville, along with their childhood friend, John Byles. These four partners have labored together to keep CHUKKA joyful and responsible.

CHUKKA also strives to maximize its positive social impact in the Caribbean. CHUKKA is one of the largest employers in the Caribbean, employing 700 people, including nearly 500 in Jamaica alone. We pride ourselves on our meritocracy: we provide everyone with opportunities for education and advancement: those who show their skills are promoted. One employee began as a guide and now runs a management team. We have also financed undergraduate and graduate programs for a number of promising employees.

Address: Unit #2, Montego Freeport Shopping Centre, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Work Phone: (876) 656-8026 | 1-877-424-8552

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