Electoral Commission Of Jamaica


Company Description: The Senate passed the Electoral Commission (Interim) Act 2006 on October 20th, 2006, clearing the way for the creation of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (E.C.J.). Its responsibility is to protect the electoral process from the immediate direction, influence, and control of the Government, which may influence its functioning to the detriment of persons with opposing views who may wish to participate in the process.

In addition to conducting general elections, by-elections or referenda, the Commission is responsible for compiling and maintaining the register of eligible electors; verifying the identity of every eligible elector; approving political parties eligible to receive state funding; and administering electoral funding and financial disclosure requirements.

The Commission comprises four selected members, four nominated members which include two persons nominated by the Prime Minister and two nominated by the Leader of the Opposition and the Director of Elections.

Address: 43 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica

Address 2: The Director, Human Resource Management, P.O. Box 671, G.P.O., Kingston, Jamaica

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Work Phone: (876)-922-0425-9

Email Address: hr@eoj.com.jm | kingstonc@eoj.com.jm

Website: http://ecj.com.jm/opportunities/vacancies/

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