How to Start a Phone Credit Sales Business With CLIQ

Are you a Jamaican looking to make some extra money but not quite sure what to do? Well, guess what, you’re in the right place, continue reading to learn more.

One of the easiest and most lucrative business to start today in Jamaica is phone credit sales and here’s why.

We all need to communicate with other people

Our two (2) top telecommunication companies in Jamaica; Digicel and Flow, make a ridiculous amount of money every day from just phone credit sales. Allow me to paint the picture a bit clearer for you.

A $100 phone credit costs about $125, pretty cheap, right? There are roughly three million (3,000,000) people living in Jamaica today and let’s say that of that three million, only a third (1/3) or one million persons have cell phones.

We all need to make phone calls, some people need to make phone calls every day. Others may even need to have a data plan so that they can get internet access on the go. On average we spend about $1,250 each month on just phone credit. So, when one million persons spend $1,250 every month on phone credit how much money is that? A lot right? That’s approximately one billion, two hundred and fifty million ($1,250,000,000) Jamaican dollars! That’s just a third of our population, with the other two million people added to the mix, that’s $3,750,000,000!

Almost four BILLION dollars, if not more, is made EVERY MONTH by these two companies from just phone credit sales. That’s a massive pie! Now that you know how lucrative this business is, I’ll show you how to take your cut of that pie.

The platform that we will be using is called CLIQ, it’s pretty catchy name. CLIQ is a consumer based business that provides its members with access to products and services in a convenient manner. Their mission is to provide easy access to products and services through mobile and internet capable devices while providing an opportunity for companies to market and expose their product and services. They have been around since 2009.

Simply put, we can use their system to help us make money easier and more conveniently.

The video displayed below shows CEO for CLIQ,

Damion Daley demonstrating how to use the top up service.

You may have heard about CoolBiz in the past which is just a quick way to get into the phone credit sales business. With CLIQ however, you can do more than just sell phone credit. You can pay your utility bills and even offer that as a service to your customers as well.

Benefits of using CLIQ

  • It is completely FREE to signup
  • There are no membership fees
  • All you need is a phone to get started.
  • You don’t need to sponsor anyone to earn
  • You can sell any amount of credit from $40 up
  • You can operate your business online, offline and mobile.
  • You get cash back for sales generated at the end of each month.
  • If you do sponsor someone, there’s no need to depend on them to earn.
  • Sending SMS (text messages) through their system doesn’t cost you anything to generate sales

Rewards & Commissions

CLIQ has a rewards programme called the ’50 by 5′ bonus. With that you are competing against yourself to make 50,000 points for the year. If you do, you will automatically earn $5,000 to your CLIQ account.

At the end of each month CLIQ rewards you for using their system to do your business. For the personal points that you accumulate, you will get 50% back as cash on your phone account.

For example: If you gain 3,000 points you would get $1,500 cash back to your phone account.
If you build a team, CLIQ will reward you with even more money. You will earn approximately 0.5% of your network pool based on your efforts.

The amount of points you earn for the sales you generate depends on the type of account you created while registering. They’re two types of accounts available:

  1. Retailer – As a Retailer you pay $125 for each 100 credit/airtime sale. In terms of commission you earn 50% value of CLIQ points under 5,000 points. That means for every Digicel/FLow 100 credit sale, you earn 5 points. To multiply your earnings you would need to teach 6 people to do $20,000 sales each on this plan to reach your first bonus bracket.
  2. Wholesaler – As a Wholesaler you pay $121 for each 100 credit/airtime sale but in terms of commission 10% value of CLIQ points under 5,000 points. That means for every 100 credit sale, you will earn 1/2 (0.5) point.

The Difference Between Being a Retailer and a Wholesaler

If you choose the Retailer option and sign up other Retailers, you tend to earn your commissions at a much faster rate than if you sign up as a Wholesaler and recruit other Wholesalers. I have to say though that Retailers are loving this.

Bill Payment Service

This is a great option to add to your business to generate more revenue especially if you are already operating a shop. As with the phone credit sales, you would be prepaying bills for customers so cash is required up front in your account to maintain this service. Once you have paid the bill, the customer gets a digital receipt to their cell phone.

Getting Started

It is very easy to signup for CLIQ and the only thing you need to start working is a Flow cell phone for SMS transactions.  If you do not have a Flow phone but would still like to start selling phone credits, you may use your Digicel smart phone, tablet or computer and sell via the internet or use the CLIQ App.

NB: The CLIQ App is only for older model phones at the moment such as Blackberry. So in most cases you would either use SMS or their website to make your sales.

Don’t Have a Flow cell phone?

If you don’t have a Flow cell phone but would still like to jump into the phone credit sales business, you can open a new CoolBiz account by using our referral information:

  • Sponsor’s Phone Number : 8371308
  • First 3 Letters Of Sponsor’s Surname: REI

You can sign up with either a Digicel or Flow number.


  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have a valid email address
  • A Flow cell phone and/or internet connection
  • You must have a valid Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)

NB: Your TRN is necessary in order to receive your monthly bonuses and someone must refer you.

How to Register

Registration is very easy and should take you no more than five (5) minutes to complete. There are two (2) ways to register:

  1. Register online
  2. Register using your mobile phone

Online Registration

Please follow the instruction below carefully:

  1. Click here to register your new CLIQ account.
  2. Type in the referral information as follows:
    • Referrer’s Phone Number: [ 8768371308 ] (10 digit phone number)
    • Referrer’s Last Name: [ Reid ]

Below is an example of how your completed first page should appear:

After completing the form shown above, click next and complete the other forms.

Important Points

  • All the fields with an asterisk * ) must be completed.
  • Save the  account number and PIN number you receive.
  • When the process is completed, you will use your account number and pin number to login for the first time on their website.
  • After your first login using the PIN number, you must create a password for future logins.
  • You can then use your email address or account number along with your password to login to your online account in the future.
  • After your account registration is complete, your PIN number is now ready to use for all other transactions.

How to Register Using Your Mobile Phone

You have the option of using your mobile phone to sign up and create a CLIQ account via SMS (text message). Please see the instructions below:

  1. Create a NEW text message
  2. Type the following (without quotes)
    • “Register[Space]FirstName[Space]LastName“
    • Example: Register Dwayne Reid
    • NB: There should NO EXTRA SPACES in this message.
  3. Send this message to your Flow gateway number: 444-4213
  4. You will get a reply from 444-4213. Follow the prompts and enter Referrer’s Phone Number: 8768371308 and Referrer’s Last Name: REID
  5. You will receive your new account number and PIN number. If you do not, please contact support at 831-1162.

NB. This is just a preliminary registration. Please go to and login with your account number and PIN number. You will only be allowed to do this ONCE! You must then create a password so that you can finish updating your account.

How to Add Funds to Your CLIQ Account

There are three (3) ways  that you can add funds to your CLIQ account, namely:

  • Add funds using Paymaster – Visit any Paymaster branch and provide them with your account number, name, cell phone number and the amount of cash you wish to add to your account. Paymaster charges a $50 fee for this transaction. Funds become available in your CLIQ account anywhere from immediately to 30 minutes. (Recommended)
  • Add funds using  Quik & EZ Bill Pay – Visit any Quik & EZ Bill Pay branch and provide them your account number, name, cell phone number and the amount of cash you wish to add to your account. Quik & EZ Bill Pay charges a $25 fee for this transaction. Funds become available in your CLIQ account in an hour or two. (Recommended)
  • Add funds using Scotiabank – Login to your Scotiabank Online account and add funds as per bill payment. CLIQ will additionally charge a fee of $30 for any payments made at BNS online. Online payments typically take up to 24 hours (or next business day) to be applied to your account.

How to Top Up a Prepaid Cell Phone

It is very easy to top up a Digicel/Flow prepaid phone. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a new text message
  2. Type the following:
    • Customer’s phone number [Star Sign] Your PIN Number [Star Sign] Amount of credit (There should not be any spaces in this message)
    • Example: 1234567*1234*40
  3. Send the message to your Flow gateway – 4444213