Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd.

Jamaica Broilers Group

Company Description: Chicken is the core of our agri-business — we take care of everything from hatching eggs to ready-to-eat offerings available in stores. Being a part of every step of the process means that we can attest to the safety and quality of our products. For six decades we have been providing home-grown products at international standards through a commitment to innovation, embracing technology & on-going research. Today, our operations span three countries, but our most important victories have been right here at home working to support our local economy.

Address: McCook’s Pen, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Work Fax: (876) 943-4322

Work Phone: (876) 943-4376

Email Address: grouphr@jabgl.com

Website: https://www.jamaicabroilersgroup.com/careers

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamaica-Broilers-Group-Limited/520214321394584