JMMB Group Jamaica

Company Description: Twenty-five (25) years ago, our co-founder, Joan Duncan, had the vision to create a financial institution that honors each person and provides opportunities for individuals to fulfill their financial goals and dreams. Her unique vision was grounded in her core beliefs that there is greatness in every human being, and in the power of unconditional love to release that greatness. It is those same beliefs that, to this day, still motivate the JMMB Group to honor each person and to have the best interest of all at heart. We invite you to join the JMMB family and experience love and realize the greatness within, as we help in the achievement of you and your family’s life goals.

JMMB is an integrated financial services provider who is committed to showing heart-to-heart connections and providing genuine, caring relationships, as we proactively deliver personalized financial plans that offer access to our wide range of financial solutions, including banking and investments.  We currently partner with over 200,000 clients and their families, and we also want to be your Financial Life Goals Partner, holding your hand and coaching you along the journey towards your goals.

If you believe in love in action, then come, partner with us and experience our promise to you.

Address: 6 Haughton Terrace, Kingston 10, Jamaica

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