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Company Description: The Kingston Bookshop (KB) continues to live up to its tag line ….all you need to know. Since 1974 the Kingston Bookshop has been providing Caribbean peoples in general, and Jamaicans in particular, with books, stationery, and gift items. The company has grown from one store to seven stores, spread across Kingston and Spanish Town.

With exclusive agency and distribution of an enviable portfolio of publishing houses in Jamaica for – the University Press, the UK-based Nelson Thornes, Macmillan Publishers, Oxford University Press, The Hodder Group, Evans Brothers, Rising Stars and the Trinidad-based Royards Publishing; and stationery manufacturers MonAmi, Stabilo, and Reeves, KB continues to assert itself as a leading Bookseller and Stationer of the region.

Although traditionally known for being the #1 bookseller of educational texts, for almost 15 years KB has made an indelible mark in the Jamaican, and regional book industry by offering a diversity of general “edu-tainment” material – from international best sellers to board games, electronics and children’s tables and chairs.

Breaking the barriers of being a “traditional bookstore”, KB has made strides in satisfying its customers’ needs by creating delightful Reading Corners, where children can come and read, and participate in regular reading sessions. In addition, through KB’s cyber centers located in five retail stores, customers have access to the wider world through the internet and diverse printing services.

In keeping with our goal of being a good corporate citizen, KB has provided numerous scholarships, library sponsorships, established a Homework Center among other initiatives. By enriching the lives of the communities we serve we hope to ultimately contribute to Jamaica’s national development.

At KB, we are committed to giving our customers great value. We will continually seek to provide creative and innovative products to our customers while offering exceptional customer service.

Address: 74 King Street, Kingston, Jamaica

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