Veterinarian – CB Group (Kingston, St. Andrew)


Livestock Support – Kingston, St. Andrew

As a member of the Livestock Support team, the Veterinarian will be responsible for providing veterinary care to livestock animals, which will require close working relationships with farmers and the technical service teams.

The Veterinarian will primarily focus on:

  • Examination and  tracking of animal health and care
  • Advising and training farmers on best practices and biosecurity procedures
  • Diagnosis and treatment of potential health challenges
  • Monitoring and testing of diseases as per government protocol
  • Liaising and reporting to government departments as required

In order to perform these duties to the highest level, the ideal candidate will possess:

  • A love for Jamaica
  • Registration to practice Veterinary medicine in Jamaica
  • Experience in the combined Veterinary and Agro –Industries
  • Good presentation skills while conducting training sessions
  • Excellent team building skills
  • Knowledge of HACCP & Quality Management Systems

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