Farm Manager- Pure Jamaican Limited ( Westmoreland)

Farm Type: Large, Licensed, Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Pure Jamaican Limited is seeking highly-qualified candidates to fill the Farm Manager position for its cultivation
subsidiary in Westmoreland, Jamaica. The subsidiary has submitted an application for a Tier 3 cultivation license
to the Cannabis Licensing Authority (“CLA”) of Jamaica, with a provisional license expected to be granted soon.
The Farm Manager’s duties and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: startup management of a new
outdoor cannabis cultivation operation of 35+ acres (initial staff hiring, site clearing, site prep, security and critical
infrastructure planning/installation, irrigation and drainage installation, supplemental light installation, planting)
and day-to-day farm operations (personnel management, cultivation, security, quality control. Depending on
experience, the Farm Manager may also be granted the opportunity to manage an additional 100+ acres of
licensed cannabis cultivation for another Pure Jamaican cultivation subsidiary in Jamaica.


A successful candidate will have a Ph.D or Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, Horticultural Sciences,
Agricultural Engineering or Agricultural Economics or equivalent extensive on-the-job training and have at least 3-
5 years’ experience in management of commercial cultivation operation(s). The ideal candidate will also have a
Master’s degree in Business or Operations Management, and specialized management experience in commercial
cannabis cultivation.


Key Responsibilities:

  •  Hire and manage staff for all areas of cultivation (potentially two independent sites).
  •  Designate supervisors for different areas of operations and coordinate with them for task delegation, labor allocation, efficiency and accountability.
  •  Create and maintain standard operating procedure manuals and practices in all areas of cultivation ensuring uniformity and standardization in production.
  •  Manage the development and implementation of a site development plan for the cultivation areas of the site as necessitated by the comprehensive cultivation plan.
  •  Coordinate with contractors and personnel for site preparation such as clearing vegetation, grading or leveling land, soil preparation, etc.
  •  Designate locations for all propagation and cultivation areas.
  •  Manage the design of an irrigation and drainage plan for the site. Oversee any necessary construction involved.
  •  Coordinate the design and oversee the installation of all internal security infrastructure involved with cultivation.
  •  Manage the development of desired soil and nutrient profiles for grow areas.
  •  Manage the development and implementation of watering and nutrient schedule for all grow areas.
  •  Manage the development and implementation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.
  •  Pursue continuing improvements to equipment, infrastructure, and methods to keep cultivation operations on the cutting edge.
  •  Generate crop production and cultivation reports on a weekly, monthly and per-batch basis.
  •  Generate harvest reports and maintain all reporting as required by the CLA.
  •  Manage the development of a community education and relationship management program.
  •  Host Company Directors, CLA personnel and any other government or regulatory officials on-site and maintain a working dialogue.
  •  Ensure that the farm remains in compliance with all CLA regulations and standards established by the Company Directors.


Required Qualifications:
1. Education: Ph.D or Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, Horticultural Sciences, Agricultural
Engineering or Agricultural Economics is preferred, however individuals with equivalent extensive onthe-
job training or a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the above majors along with all of the rest of
the appropriate experience and expertise will still be considered.
2. Experience: Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in management of large commercial cultivation operation(s)
is a must. Some experience with cannabis cultivation is a must. Specialized management experience in
commercial cannabis cultivation is a significant plus. Additional experience in both the public sector
(such as RADA – the Rural Agricultural Development Authority) in Jamaica and private sectors (i.e., in the
sugar, coffee or banana industries) in Jamaica would be ideal.
3. Skills:
a. Proficiency with statistical process control measures involves with commercial cultivation.
b. Familiarity with equipment and infrastructure necessary for both indoor and outdoor
commercial cannabis cultivation.
c. Familiarity with Good Agricultural Practices.
d. Strong written and verbal communication capabilities.
e. Good community relationship management skills.
f. Ability to consistently meet time-based goals.
g. Ability to prepare and operate within a budget.
h. Good personnel management.
i. Highly organized.
j. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and basic accounting software.



  •  Salary-based position depending on experience.
  •  Incentive plan for exceeding performance targets.
  •  Flexible work environment.
  •  Reasonable relocation expenses.


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Pure Jamaican Limited is an equal opportunity employer with a great company culture